B2C Marketing – What Does It Mean?

On the Internet, there are two types of marketing – B2B and b2c. B2B is ‘Business to Business’ and B2C is ‘Business to Customer’. In recent years two other conditions also have evolved and they’re B2E (Business to Workers) and B2G (Business to Government).

A B2C site is a common ecommerce site which sells its product or service to its own customer base. However, there are a number of exceptions like a ‘lead generation’ web site. Here the site is basically collecting data about the customer by creating him fill out a form. Then many sites are included in selling these data to other providers that are in the business of providing the essential product or service. And because the individual who’s filling out the form is opting-in (opt-in), sending communicating to him wouldn’t be regarded as spam. The individual who’s filling out is thought to be the customer and consequently lead generation sites may also be termed as B2C. However, such sites often also become B2B.
B2C sites may be typical ecommerce sites or they can also be establishments hoping to reach from the customer base. For instance a bank allowing a customer to login and see the balance in his accounts and also possibly transfer some money enters the domain name of B2C marketing. And here are a couple examples of some of the greatest ecommerce sites which are all typically B2C – Amazon, Ebay, Yahoo Stores, Barnesandnoble.com, Buy.com and many others. Actually most conventional large businesses are currently going in for B2C marketing since they are aware that the customer base can be changing to the Internet. For instance, Dell Corporation now permits a visitor to the site to configure his computer. This is the way the provider is engaged in B2C marketing.

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