Millions are at risk from growing and dying by the most pervading killer, heart disease. While more than 750,000 Americans die every year from one of the numerous kinds of the often silent disease, the most common type, called coronary artery disease often leads to narrowed arteries that eventually become blocked by clots going about in the blood.

The Cause of Heart Disease is based on Faulty Science

The American people and lots of health professionals are tricked from the millions of marketing dollars spent by the pharmaceutical giants to feel that heart disease is due to high cholesterol and too much saturated fat from the diet. Extensive studies have shown that the ‘cholesterol concept’ of heart disease relies on false science that has led to the untimely passing of millions of individuals over the previous half century.

Special Antioxidant Cocktail Lowers Risk of Heart Disease

Medical researchers now know that the source of heart disease is a processed diet containing Trans fats and excess carbonated beverages and junk foods. These cause blood glucose and cholesterol levels to swing wildly, resulting in insulin resistance, higher blood pressure and hardened arteries. The outcome of a study printed in the journal Nutrition and Metabolism indicate that physio omega comprising 4 strong and organic antioxidants was successful in improving blood glucose and lipid reaction, also have the ‘capacity to relieve adrenal damage’.

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