Combine Two Ebay Accounts

Ebay allows you to have as many accounts as you like, so long as you’re not breaking any of the principles. They also allow you to combine 2 or more of these accounts. There might be a couple of reasons that you need to combine your account.

Have you got to buy an ebay account which you don’t use anymore? In case you’ve got an older eBay account, you are able to combine it together with your current eBay account. Perhaps you’ve got a buyer and a seller accounts. You may have started a distinct buyer accounts so that your vendor account isn’t shown. When you started an Email accounts to develop comments, you may add it into your current or old account to include more opinions to it. After you combine your mailing account, all of your comments score goes with it. That means that you may really double your feedback rating on ebay. Your combined eBay accounts will present your combined feedback score, reviews and guides, along with your helpfulness evaluations.
There are a few safety rules you need to follow to be able to combine balances.
You have to supply evidence that you’re the owner of both balances. For instance, the contact information about both accounts must fit.
The secondary accounts must stay inactive (no bidding or record action) for at least 60 days before the mix to the key account. Notice: You can still continue to utilize the key accounts as you normally would during this moment.
You have to owe no vendor fees (that’s, you need to have a balance of $0.00) on the secondary accounts.
You will want to cancel any subscriptions around the secondary accounts, like subscriptions to eBay’s advertising tools.
In case you have to buy an ebay account, then be sure to connect your Shops inventory together with your new merged accounts.
If you satisfy these safety requirements, you are able to combine your mailing account. EBay just needs to be certain that you are the actual owner of the account you’re claiming. Bear in mind the way the accounts information will be combined.

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