Decorative arts with fringe curtains

The decorative arts are all activities related to artistic processes and craftsmanship aimed at producing objects with an aesthetic purpose. They are industrially or handcrafted works with an ornamental purpose.
Decorative arts have been present in all periods of art history, either alone or in conjunction with other arts such as architecture. They have marked some historical periods such as Byzantine, Islamic or Gothic art.
Its purpose is to decorate a specific space.
One of the factors that favored the rapid diffusion of the decorative arts was the means of mass communication, together with the celebration of special events such as universal exhibitions, conventions, etc. This evolution was marked by the use of new materials and more advanced technologies with a clear commitment to design as a creative base. A social phenomenon of the transition of the 21st century was the new concept of self-assembling furniture and sale of design products by catalogs or in department stores. The trend of the new millennium is marked by the mixture of styles as well as the search for simplicity and comfort.
In this order of ideas Generation Store Inc. is established with a specific mission, to design decorations and supply quality decorative products to weddings, event planners, visual exhibitors, architects and designers from all parts of the world, complying with established quality standards and guaranteeing professionalism, excellence in the provision of services and punctuality in deliveries.
As a spearhead for your decorative designs, it offers string curtains and fringe curtains made with high-quality fabrics, soft and resistant for greater durability. A variety of colors are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 6 feet to 20 feet in length.

In Generation Store Inc. we have a very competent staff in the decorative arts who interpret the needs of the clients and reflect those concerns in the decorative designs that will satisfy all our stakeholders with simplicity and comfort.

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