Disadvantages of Electronic Cigarette

Smoking is such an addiction which is tough to avoid. Most of the regular or chain smokers suffer from several health issues mostly cancer. For a long time several campaigns are taking place for making people demoralize from smoking however hardly one of them has been a successful one. For this reason the concept of electronic cigarette has come into fashion. This cigarette is made electronically and works with power battery.

It has is a cartage embedded in such cigarettes which contain some liquid that in turn turns to vapour and gives the smoker a delight hit with tobacco flavour. This is why many people became crazy for this in a very small time. Initially it was claimed to contain zero tobacco but with time certain stories regarding its harm have come out.
However it is true that e cigarettes are not as harmful as the ones with tobacco but it leads to birth of a bug names MRSA. This particular microbe leads to bacterial infection in human body and at the same time reduces one immunity. In addition to that there are some other disadvantages of this as well.

The core ingredient of such cigarette is propylene glycol which is used in several medicine and drinking water. But for some people it causes allergy. Hence if someone having allergy with propylene glycol inhales the smoke of e cigarette he or she may suffer from several health issue.

Besides this another issue is however claimed zero usage of tobacco it has been found that there is 1 to 2 % of tobacco used in this cigarette. Hence the chances of diseases caused by tar, or nicotine cannot be eliminated entirely. This is a reason that it is banned in several countries like New Zealand and Middle East where smoking is strictly banned. However, provari Malaysia is one of the most popular cigarettes that many people use.

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