How is the proximity marketing beacons work?

In today’sworld, the new type of technology had been developed that is the proximity marketing beacons. Especially beacon is a piece of hardware. Nowadays the use of this type of technology by the marketers is becoming popular day by day. As you all know that more than 4.5 people use mobile phones and also install various types of apps. The beacons devices used to increase the value of the marketing and their sales. This type of beacons technology only works on the apple phone. Which means that it only supports ios software?

How does a proximity marketing beacons works?
Firstly proximity marketing beacons is a type of low-cost hardware devices. Which helps to increase the marketing of the retailers by giving information to the people? The beacons use a low energy Bluetooth. when you have your beacons app installed on your phone and you are on the beacons technology location. They will send you some types of notification. Which will consists of some types of information of the nearest stores or the malls? If in your nearest stores or the mall’s sales are going on then also you will get the whole notification in it.
When the beacons are communicating with the people they need all the information data. The information data are:

• Firstly all the information about the vendor.
• Secondly all the information about the certain location
• Thirdly all the information about the specific store.
What are the things a beacons technology supports?
The proximity marketing beacons will send you all the notification when your mobile phones will support these types of things and they are:
• You must have phones which support the is software. The beacons technology only supports that phones which only had the ios software. That means you should have apple phones or the smart phones which supportios software.
• Your phones must have the beacons apps install in it.
• When you are using the beacons app your phones Bluetooth.
• When you install the app. It’s compulsory that you should share your location.
• Lastly, you should also allow all the notification in your phones

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