kit frizione rinforzata- technical details

When the person replaces the clutch, your kit frizione rinforzata will be custom modified by hand. The reinforced sache clutch disc will get the new higher performance of organic friction material with a reinforced layered clutch facing construction like dry coating technology, lead- free, non- asbestos, and reins binder system. The reinforcement of fiber glass which contains copper, materials filling and coefficient of friction modifiers. Simultaneously with a special manufacturing process, this results in the characteristics of the clutch facing materials.

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Advantage frizione Sachs:
The fundamental advantage of modified frizione sachs(Sachs clutch) clutch kit is compared to the ordinary replacement results of clutch for longer period of time. The sacs clutches have higher transmittable torque and in between the thermal resistance. Some of the perfect tuned circuits or engines like chip tuning can be used for towing trailers, off-road and so on. The sack clutches reserves for higher demands. They are:
• Approximately 15% of the higher transmittable torque is compared to OE.
• Sach clutches contains higher thermal resistance.
• They contain number of revolutions that have higher burst.
• Sach clutch has longer life span.
• Sach clutch performance starts which is similar to OE
• Sach clutches are replaced by the old clutch in ratio of 1:1.
• The complete sache clutch kit contains CSC.

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Frizione Sachs performance- recommendation
As you already know, the clutch kit contains the frizione sache performance over the Sachs clutch cover and also contains the rigid performance with the clutch disc with some special organic friction material. The Sachs clutch kit also uses the higher clamping pressure and more strong special organic friction materials. The Sachs clutch kit is the perfect upgraded for the engines which are modified that also handle the better torque for the clutch that is required. There recommendations are:
• The release bearing changes at the same time when you are fitting the new clutch kit.
• You can also change the flywheel if required.

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