There are many kinds of forklifts available in the market. Each and every forklift is designed and manufactured in a way to fulfill certain tasks. In that way they meet a lot of substantial elements. They are the cost, quality, condition, etc. They are driven by the persons who are authenticated and issued with a license. Now there is a developing technology to make the machines run on their own with internal sensors and other such elements. All forklifts are made to run in the surfaces that are smooth without any hard substances. These types of forklifts are applicable to be used indoors only. Thus the rough terrain forklifts have been designed to work at any rough surfaces or floors. They can be applied out of the industries too.

Different types
• Electric motor counterbalance rider trucks
• Electric motor narrow aside trucks
• Electric motor walk-behind and rider hand trucks
• Internal combustion engine counterbalance lift trucks
• Rough terrain forklifts
There are counterbalance trucks that are the most common ones that are used for a straight forward action. They are featured for carrying heavy and bulky loads. The three wheel counterbalance tools are ideal for the movement in tight spaces and narrow areas. Also, there are reach trucks are especially designed for lifting materials to higher positions. Thus they are named so. They can reach longer heights than the usual forklifts can. The pump trucks are the old-fashioned truck that uses manual power and there is a need of a human to lift the loads. The powered pallet trucks are the modernized version of the pump trucks. They are capable of lifting heavy objects. They can also do the functionalities of carrying small packages that are to be stored or transported. Thus the varied classifications of the forklifts are widely used around the entire world without which the modernized buildings do not stand.

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