Whatever may be the game but, the game has something important to do. Likewise, the clash of clans cheats has one major aspect called constructing a fair building. In this video game, you should construct a building for getting some resources and rewards. Some games are there which will give points for clearing each and every stage. But in clash of clans free gems, you will get gold, diamond, silver, gems and elixir for clearing every level. Constructing a building in clash game is not that simple as you people think.

At the same time, it is not that difficult too. If you want to build a durable building, you should follow the rules and tips properly. Making a good building does not only get you resources rather, you should safeguard your construction from your enemies as well. In clash of clans cheats, you will get enemies attack quiet often either after finished constructing the building or even during the construction. So, you should be ready to tackle the issues at anytime any situations. If you failed to stop your enemies, you will lose some of your resources. The clash of clans free gems will give some free gems for each and every player.

And the players could use those gems for unlocking any tough stages rather than using it for the simple and easy stages. The clash cheats game consists of many episodes. After finishing each and every episode, you should unlock successive episode by either paying some dollars or with the help of play quest or by facebook request. In that time, you could use those free gems. But, if you do not have free gems at the time, it is advisable to go with “play quest” option. The play quest option consists of two or three stages which you should play for unlocking the new episode.

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