Payment System Hacking More Prevalent for Quick Money Making

It was around half a century back when the concept of hacking was perceived by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) computer science students, but later hacking became the art of altering computer behavior by taking its control in the hands of people who have no connection with the hacked computer. These students were already working on the software to speed up computer.

Cybercrime in modern time
Cybercrime in the form of computer hacking is mounting day by day and hackers across the world hack thousands of computers using malicious softwares through spam. Hacking payment systems is the most usual thing because it more rewarding for hackers. western union hacker is a source of information on how to hack Western Union. Bitcoin, world’s first cryptocurrency (decentralized digital currency) and digital payment system has not been spared and Bitcoin hack is the second major occurrence after launch of Bitcoin Gold. One of the commercially viable and prevailing cybercrimes are the retail point-of-sale (PoS) hacking. It is most dangerous because stealing of data is done through a worm on magnetic strip of the credit card when used in retail stores to make payments. The retail stores are required to secure their system against the hackers’ attack to maintain trust of their customers. Cybercrime is on the rise and even most secured government and defence systems have not been spared. Is hard to crack modus operandi of hackers because there is diversity in the hacking techniques and different methods are used every time by the hackers.
Why hackers hack computers?
There might be several reasons such as to defame some brand, to make use of someone’s identity for some purpose, to generate massive funds for ulterior motive, to get secret details of competitor or big organization, and so on. But one thing is sure that most big hackers have ultimate motive to get rich quick and due to this reason hacking of payment systems is more prevalent.

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