Placing Request for a Movie or TV Show

There are some movies and TV shows that are quite breathtaking so that anyone viewing them can regale abundantly. But the bleak part is that many such movies and shows could not be watched by people due to certain pre-occupations at the time. Project free TV has come up with the unique concept of making a request for any movie or TV show that has been famous. This way, anyone can watch his favorite movie or show that has been missed earlier. The initiative has been lauded appreciably across various forums and people have been enjoying the favorite TV shows and movies for quite some time. Some features of the initiative are as follows.

• The process for the request is easy – Placing a request for a TV show or a movie on 123movies is quite easy. Only the name of the show or movie has to be given after selecting the desired media, i.e., TV show or movie. After this, any additional comment that the user feels can be useful in the context of the subject can be mentioned in the ‘Comments’ section and thereafter sent to the site. It is always good to mention some details like actors, summary of the story, director, channel name, etc. of the show or movie so that it can be easily identified by the moderators.

• All types of request can be made – Request of all types can be made on gomovies and this is particularly a very advantageous feature because people from all countries can request for his favorite movie or show that is not available elsewhere. It can be quite rousing to view a show or movie that has been heard earlier with rave reviews but was not seen earlier.

The site has caught the imagination of people with this feature along with many others that has helped them to watch their most desired movies and TV shows with absolutely little fuss and that is the reason why the site is so much revered.

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