Everyone knows the immense joy derived from watching someone getting covered with Slime , the thick goop covering his or her body in an entertaining and disgusting sight. Most people have wondered about cooking up a batch you, but have failed due to the incomplete nature of info provided on the Internet.
Go back to school with a bang!
The most critical ingredient in making slime is borax, which can be harmful if handled incorrectly. Although borax is safe and comparatively nonreactive with human skin, you might prefer using products made of borax compounds, instead of the compound itself, although the sliminess might be affected. Here are some tips for your DIY goop:

Basic fluffy slime: A simple, customizable recipe used to make many forms of slime. All you need is shampoo- the thicker, the slimier– and cornstarch. Add cornstarch to the mix and knead until the required consistency. The cornstarch brand and moisture content in the workspace affects the stickiness of your goop.
Fluffy volcano slime: this is named so due to its reactivity to heat. Thisis easily stored because of its workability depending on heat, so you can keep it in your cupboard and just heat it for a while before using it. Ingredients are glue and cornstarch, and the process is similar to the previous one.
Sand slime: this is the product closest to borax slime, with a grainy texture like sand. Ingredients include glue, lens solution and baking soda. First put shampoo and cornstarch together and mix well. Then add water and stir well before adding the glue and cornstarch. Mix well and knead it for a few minutes. Then heat it, cool it, and knead it again. Then add the baking soda and lens solution and keep stirring until you reach your desired consistency. Store in a dark, cool space before use.
Don’t depend on corporate handymen
It can be very frustrating when things around you start malfunctioning, and you have to dole out cash to smirking repairmen, who you suspect never fix things completely to ensure repeat business. It can be very expensive and inconvenient for small repair works and timeframes if you are not aware of basic DIY items you can take yourself to remedy the situation inexpensively.

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