I’m sure all of us want to enjoy a safe sex life. Of course, accidents come unnoticed. Similarly, you may face some mishaps while engaging in sexual discourse with your partner. In order to keep away from any sort of misfortune, here we have truvada. A highly effective HIV preventive drug Truvada is an amalgamation of emtricitabine and tenofovir, generally in use to cease the rapid, latent extension of HIV viruses into your body.

This drug helps prevent multiplication of your body cells or RNA that has been injured by HIV. Tenofovir decreases the amount of HIV in your blood on the one hand, and on the other hand, activates the resistance capability to fight against viruses.
How to use Truvada?
No drug should be taken without any expert advice. Here are some of the facts that you need to keep in mind before taking any medicine.
• Do not go beyond the doctor’s advice. Only follow the instructions and the dosage as prescribed by him or her.
• Consumption of Truvada both with food and without food is not a problem.
• For the utmost benefit, maintain regularity.
• Along with taking in this drug, you might be required to go for density tests of the kidney, blood, liver, bone mineral density, etc.
• If you suffer from Hepatitis B, some liver malfunctions may crop up after you cease taking in Truvada.
• If any day, by chance, you fail to take Truvada at the respective time, do not hesitate to gulp it as soon as you recall.
• Truvada might infuse a bit of shaky giddiness into some. Therefore, do not ho for any activity that deems you to be careful just after taking Truvada.
• Above all, restraint yourself from too much consumption of alcohol.

Are there any side effects for Truvada?

Along with positive remarks, Truvada also possesses some side effects. Weight loss, acidity, and some pains can affect you in your body, fatigue, physical imbalance, gloom, mood fluctuations and much more. But at the same time, you will be gifted with a happy, tension free sex life. Therefore, buy Truvada soon.

Like in all other nation, Truvada Australia is also widely acknowledged. You never know if your sexual partner is absolutely HIV-free or not. So, it is always wise to ‘think before you leap’.

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