A crisis is a type of an issue that becomes serious and challenging for a person, nation or the world. When you look at major crisis of the world, then you will find population, hunger, food, energy, and health and education problems more critical. The energy crises are considered as the key problems that mostly lead further complications and challenges in a specific area or country. Of course, the countries will need proper management, focus and effective efforts to eliminate such problems. There are dozens of GERES wind power (GERES Windkraft) projects throughout the world that motivate the developing countries and lead them to start struggling and reducing the effects of challenges, they are facing.

Further, GERES Group has an important and direct role to give a new passion and path to the developing nations for getting initiated, produce the energy up to their requirements, and minimize the crises that are associated with this grave issue. Norbert Wiemann is a leading person who initiates a mission from Germany and reached West, Asia, Africa and Europe within next one and half decade. The history of the world is full of mighty challenges and crises that played a key part to motivate Norbert and compelled him step forward for the mankind. Now, Norbert Wiemann GERES is running a number of water and wind energy projects around the world.

Recently, it has changed and modified its working policies according to the climate changes. It has selected countries and regions having longer rainy season for the wind and water energy projects. Similarly, GERES Group (GERES Gruppe) is also focusing on the areas and countries that have the hottest summer to get energy from solar light. These are the major and natural sources to produce energy with a great consistency. Surely, the role of GERES Group has been more effective, useful and important for the entire world and its population.

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