The Football Association and the rules of the game

Like most worthy sports, fussball, also known as soccer has an association that supervises the laws and rules of the game. Football is a sport where two teams play with each other, each team comprising eleven players. It is played on a rectangular field with a goal post at each end of the ground, with a ball. The world famous sport is approximated to be played by million players in over several countries. The objective of the game is to earn the highest points by getting the ball into the opposition team’s goal post.

The players, in the course of the game cannot touch the ball with either their hands or with arms. The goalkeepers have an exclusive right to use their hands, to stop the ball from reaching the goal. The players on ground are supposed to use their feet to strike and move the ball. Use of head and the torso is allowed too, as many players find it convenient doing so.
The team scoring the maximum number of goals is declared as the winner. The game can end in a draw, if not then it is continued longer for a penalty shoot off, based on the competition’s format. The rules of the game were drafted in England in 1863 and were done by the Football Association. This association is internationally governed by the FIFA that organizes both men and women’s International Football World Cups, at an interval of 4 years.

According to fußball nachrichten (Football news), within the English speaking countries, the fussball bundesliga is now usually called football in the UK and referred to as Soccer in Canada and the US. In countries like Australia, Irelad, South Africa and New Zealand, the sport is formally known as football itself.

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