The game of thrones movie has in it a dwarf, a young girl and dragons, according to the movie, the young girl was subjected to rape as a means of marrying her. This is a kind of world in which the men have a greater percentage of power than the women. This is part of what makes the series so unique, and as some will have it, breathtaking. There is one thing that happens when a game of throne season is about to be released. It has been discovered that after the trailer, people will start giving comments and feedbacks about the movie, this happens even when the movie is out already. Sites that administer or control or have this forum in them have been found to be as busy at that time as traffic will be drawn greatly to them. This phenomenon has been discovered to be a trend for most TV series, especially GoT. Some people do not actually agree with the graphics of game of thrones, but it should be noted that the graphics displayed during the movie is a type that has not been used before now for any kind of movie whether TV series or one-time movie.

There is no movie that will satisfy every human, as economists will have it that, human wants are insatiable. The seasons of game of thrones have been receiving criticism from people, even though their percentage is very low compared to the number of fans that are in love with it. Due to the fact that the movie was mostly filmed in Ireland, the Northern Ireland government was said to have supported the producers financially. This was done because it is evident that the place will become a center for tourist attraction. Jackie wither has written about a lot of her favorite TV shows, and now she is in love with GoT.

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