What is alliance one and how can you protect yourself from it?

If you are unaware of what Alliance One is, let me give you a brief explanation about the same. It is one of the most aggressive and largest collection agencies that try to make the profit. But unfortunately, for many consumers alliance, one depends upon them to make the profit. It concentrates in collecting student loans, debt for utility, medical bills, credit card debt and other debts like traffic fines. What it does is to make harassing phone calls to gather debts owed to them. When compared with other debt collectors, it does not buy debts that are old rather it works as a contractor for government companies, and other entitles. This is done to collect a part of what they can pull through as their payment.

If you are getting trouble to deal with it and want to remove the collection from your credit report, there are ways. Below given are few steps that you can follow for protecting yourself from alliance one:
1. Firstly, keep a check on your credit card report. Make sure that alliance one has not tried to re-age the debt. And if the debt is very old, it won’t be able to add an entry on your report because it won’t be seen in the same.
2. You should request for validation of the debt within 30 days. All the collection activity will stop until they send you a written verification of the debt.

3. You should dispute any inaccurate information or details. This involves the dates of the debt, amount of the debt, the original creditor, etc. if you find it to be inaccurate, better hire a credit repair specialist that can handle the disputes on your behalf.
4. Be aware that the alliance one company does not negotiate with other creditors because they do not purchase debts. A decrease in the amount will also decrease their clients’ payment, so they have a less financial incentive to cut a deal.
These steps would help you deal with alliance one collections.

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