What is Guided meditation?

Guided meditation can be a kind of meditation will be aimed at a specific purpose. Guided meditation is performed to solve a particular issue in the life of a person and the meditation is solely done by considering that single part. Guided meditation is certainly connected with the sleep and body relaxation. Bedtime mediation or guided meditation for sleep is practiced by many persons. Guided meditation can be performed in my way as depending upon the choice of your meditation teacher you are following. One thing that is sure about guided meditation is that it connects you with peaceful sleeping experience in different ways. The ways of practicing guided meditation can be different anywhere, but the main result of all the guided meditationpracticed is aimed at a same goal.

Guided meditation for Sleep-Hearing
In this type of meditation, you will close your eyes, breathe calmly and you will observe the sounds around you. At that point, there can be many types of sounds around you like the sound of winds or trees or birds. When you start concentrating at this sound, this will give you can different experience of calm and peace. Thus leading you towards a wonderful sleep and can be said as meditation for sleep.
Guided meditation for sleep- Body observation
This type of guided meditation is performed by hearing, it this process, you have to be concentrating at the sounds around you, you will have to observe your body, the flow of body and slowly you will start going into a calm position.
Guided meditation for sleep- Breathing
In this type of meditation, you just must concentrate on the internal sound of your breathing process. It can be more often called as bedtime meditation. It sounds like a simple activity, but it will certainly take you to a whole new world of peace and calm.

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