What should you look for while buying bass headphones

Bass headphones are used for just that – to impress us with the bass. The frequency curves that it throws at you are more V-shaped. That means that it gives more stress on the highs and bass and the mids are more buried. So what should you look for when you buy a bass headphone? You could go through the list of Top 5 for 2017 Best Bass Headphones and also go through the basic tips that we have given here –

Driver size – The driver is quite simply a tiny speaker inside the headphone. It is this that converts the electrical signals into sound and is presented in mm. If you are looking for bass, then the driver is pretty much the selling point. The larger it is, the more the headphone would be able to give you a loud bass. On-Ear and Over-Ear models sport a driver of anywhere between 20 to 50 mm.
Comfort – Yes, you should be going through the top 5 for 2017 best bass headphones. But do not forget the comfort point. After all, if you are planning to use your headphones for longer periods, it needs to be comfortable. The headband should not be too tight and the ear cup cushions need to be soft.
On-ear or over-ear – This is again personal preference and should probably come in the comfort category. On-ear gives your ear a breather while over-ear headphones are better with isolation and deeper sounds.

Price – This is obviously one of the main deciding factors when you buy anything. This being said, it would not be fair to compare the headphones which are really pricey with say a $90 pair. It is you who needs to decide what you want and how much you are willing to spend on it. Bass headphones which are less than $100 might be making some compromises in versatility and quality. Have a look at the top 5 for 2017 best bass headphones and see which one would fit in your budget.

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