Why People All Over Love Going on tour raja ampat Terbaik Island?

Visiting the beautiful islands Raja Ampat in Indonesia is a wonderful experience, as one gets to witness stunning under-water marine life. A lot of water sports activities can also be done by travellers during their stay in Raja Ampat islands which is an archipelago. The main islands of the archipelago include Salawati, Misool, Waigeo, and Batanta. The average ticket price to this destination is about Rp 5 million. Travellers should bring sufficient funds along with them to travel to this destination for a vacation. The Tour best raja ampat(tour raja ampat terbaik) islands trip from the Sorong harbour is taken by the sea.

Tourist places to visit
Travellers after arriving at the beautiful destination can visit tourist sites in raja Ampat. It is best to go to these places in groups to save some money. The tour Raja Ampat should comprise at least of 8 people and you can even rent a boat tour at an economical price. The types of ships that travellers can use to go to this amazing destination surrounded by beaches are speedboats and fishing boats. The cost of the speedboats in which 8-10 people can travel is about RP4-5 million for a day.
Exciting tour raja ampat terbaik Islands
The means of transportation in Raja Ampat islands is very expensive as the city is not big like Jakarta. Gaining access to electricity is also very difficult and travellers carrying their cameras during the trip must also carry an extra battery.

Special tour raja ampat terbaik Packages
There are different tour packages accessible for the tourist and which they can choose from according to their budget. The 3 days and 2 nights Pianemo tour package include accommodation, meals for three times in a day and speedboat for tour raja ampat terbaik islands. Travellers need to pay for their flight ticket separately and for their personal expenses. They also need to pay for the diving and snorkelling equipment.

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