Wireless Computer Speakers

Wireless computer speakers are more easy to install specially the satellite loudspeakers. They are able to be set everywhere yet still create outstanding sound output signal. They are able to be attached to love game watching films, listening to music or playing. They can be powered through AC or battery current. Most of them work using Intermediate Frequency or IF technology. Some use 900 MHz of frequency which carry up to 150 feet. Wireless receiver is needed by other versions.

This new technology works by carrying unit hooked around a PC soundcard or replacing cables with a wireless receiver. The more complex versions have a built in hidden video camera perfect for office settings.
The three most common kinds of wireless speakers are the 7.1 Wireless System, 5.1 Wireless System (surround sound) and 2.1 Wireless System (stereo only).
The 7.1 wireless system is composed of six 2-way satellite speakers, one 2 way satellite and one subwoofer. The maximum power output signal is 700 watts with frequency response of 40 MHz.
The 5.1 wireless system has four 2-way satellites, one 2-way center satellite and one subwoofer. Most versions include remote controls that are wireless.
The 2.1 wireless system is perfect for computer game fanatics. It’s a pair of satellite speakers and a 2-way center satellite.

Additionally, there are dknight magicbox wireless speakers for the outside, generally with built in batteries. These units can be billed for 20-24 hours, and can play for 3-4 hours directly when fully charged. The range can be as far as 100 feet to 100 meters.

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